5 Home Renovation Projects Worth Investing In

You could be interested in taking up some home renovation projects but you might be unsure where to start and which projects are definitely worth the investment. If that’s the case, don’t worry too much. The following renovation ideas seem to be the most popular among the homeowners who want to increase the value of their home and/or the comfort and functionality of their personal environment.

1. Freshen Up the Paintwork

One of the easiest home renovation projects includes fresh paintwork. What’s more, this is also a project you could do on your own, if you have the will and skill. Regardless of whether you’re planning to sell your home or enjoy it on your own, repainting your interior (and maybe even exterior) can easily turn the tables for everyone and make a big difference. Not only does the interior feels and looks cleaner but it actually is a lot cleaner and healthier after an updated paintwork. And if you use low-VOC paint, you’ll also minimize the toxins commonly associated with regular paint. In case you plan to sell your home, focus on a more neutral colour palette. Otherwise, you can play with different shades that you personally like and maybe even create accent walls.

2. Reinvent Your Kitchen

If you plan to sell your home, kitchen renovation is one of the most important projects you need to take up. And if you plan to live happily and comfortably in your home, kitchen renovation in order to suit your tastes and needs is also essential.

For starters, you want to address the available kitchen space so that you can come up with the most practical layout that fits all the kitchen must-haves. Larger kitchens could benefit from a kitchen island but this element is not as necessary in smaller kitchens. Make sure that your kitchen cabinets and countertops look presentable and are actually functional. The best course of action when it comes to appliances would be to buy energy-efficient ones, but keep in mind that you don’t need to replace them all at once. Also, installing effective fire duct and ventilation system in the kitchen will act as the first line of defence in case of fire. Together with a fire alarm, you’ll boost the safety of your home.

3. Update the Bathroom

Just like kitchen, bathroom can make or break the selling deal or the amount of relaxation you can get out of your personal time when in this room. That said, make sure that your grout work is satisfactory and update it if necessary. Broken tiles should be replaced with new ones and if you need a bit of oomph, you could use patterned tiles randomly to break the monotony. Most importantly, opt for new toilet, shower head/fixture and sink fixture. You might also need a new tub and if that’s the case, think carefully whether you’d benefit more from a shower or an actual bathtub. Also, address the functionality of your plumbing system. Low flow and blocked drains are not the things you want to deal with once you start renovating the bathroom elements.

4. Replace the Doors and Windows

You might not even be aware of this at the moment, but the state of your doors and windows can actually affect the look and feel of your entire home considerably. That said, if the doors and windows look quite old and worn, and if they actually are very old, it’s time to take up this renovation project, too and replace them with newer models. Sometimes it might be enough to just repaint the doors, but don’t hesitate to invest in double-glazed windows as these also boost the insulation property of your home.

5. Boost the Curb Appeal

As mentioned, repainting the exterior and perhaps even front doors can significantly change the appearance of your home from the outside, which will also alter the first impression positively together with your overall mood. But, when your curb appeal is concerned, this is not enough. Remember that a tidy lawn and a couple of decorative plants/shrubs along the fence can make a huge difference. Also, clean your driveway with pressure hose and fix possible cracks. You might also need to replace your old house number and mail box. What’s more, outdoor lighting is also important. Consider installing motion sensor LED lighting as it’s rather effective for minimizing the energy waste and potentially scaring away shady personas.

Of course, if you personally find the need to deal with some other aspect of your home and take up a different kind of renovation, go ahead. However, don’t forget that the above-mentioned renovation ideas are 100% worth the investment as they boost the value of your property and actually make the environment a lot more pleasant.

Paul Petersen