Choosing the Best Details For the Landscape Designing


Engineers and architects are striving more and more to seek a better optimization and use of the available spaces to promote a more beautiful and efficient landscaping. It turns out that most of them do not take into account that there will always be gaps in buildings that do not have adequate landscape planning. In Landscape Design this is important.

With the passing of the years and the reduction of the area of ​​the real estate, the spaces destined to the gardens have been decreasing more and more, either in houses or in buildings, although the concern with the green area is great. Many professionals, when drawing the floor plan of the property, do not take into account the dimensions found and, therefore, the plants end up suffering in places with little sun and little space.

  • There are real estate situations that have 40 meters in front, and project a gardener 20 cm wide by 25 m and only 20 cm deep. Putting something interesting and beautiful in such a space becomes virtually impossible. What many people forget is that a property with garden is much more beautiful, adding more value to the house.
  • In addition to projects with shallow and long gardeners, there are still those that overstate their size, put huge gaps where the gardens should be made, and in these cases, there is no landscaping to account for, since the expense and maintenance are huge. Therefore, it is best to use and abuse common sense in garden space, as caring for such a place takes money and time, which many people do not have to spare.

The spaces that are suitable for the garden should be in accordance with the size of the work and the need for each resident to be in contact with nature.

All About Landscaping

Summer in the tropics is usually warmer than elsewhere in the world, which may make it even easier to grow certain plants. Gardens at Augusta, GA are a great possibility to achieve a more beautiful and cool place, whether at home or at work. In addition, the plants provide a more peaceful and welcoming environment, favoring the health of those who live with them.

When flowers and plants are arranged in certain strategic places, they can help not only the benefits described, but also privacy, as several apartments are very close to other buildings and plants help to block out the noise a bit.

To achieve a higher quality of life with landscaping, let’s look at some important tips:

Prefer tall plants that act as a kind of living wall, especially the green pleomele, which grows well in half shade. Just like the pleomele variegata, which prefers a very direct sun? Or the myrtle, which also prefers a full sun, but if you don’t find any of them in the flower shop near the house, opt for the clusias, which also enjoy direct sun, but still endure the half shade.

For balconies or pergolas that have a guardrail, it is best to choose vines such as the teardrop of Christ, alamanda or morning glory. In addition to being beautiful and providing greater privacy, they are still very cozy.

Kathy McDonough