Different decoration ideas to make your bathroom look cool

The most essential part of any home is the bathroom. To maintain health and hygiene, plus get ready every morning so this is also concluded that the bathroom is used daily. The bathroom has a huge impact on our daily life, even if it can be a small space. Kitchen and bath renovation involve enhancing the space with new ideas.

Here are some 11 ways by which we can make our bathroom look beautiful;

Kaleidoscope wallpaper

Some kaleidoscope patterned wallpaper will bring your small bathroom to life. While making space seem a little roomier, it will add a fun element.

Air purifying plants

By putting a small indoor plant your bathroom will always be feeling fresh. An air-purifying or aromatic plant that does well in humidity is a good option.

Smart organizers

Using a few baskets and trays to organize supplies and toiletries will be a great way to keep a small bathroom tidy. You can place them in your bathroom’s cabinets or install a few hanging shelves.

High Hanging shelves

Making use of available wall space is essential in a small bathroom. To add a few shelves to place any toiletries or decorations, use a corner or a section of your walls

Stylish toilet paper holder

Toilet paper holder will take a minimal amount of space and double up as a decorative especially if it’s a standing and a decorative toilet paper holder. Choose a roller in a contrasting shade to your bathroom’s color scheme for a pop of color

Vintage botanicals

By incorporating a unique theme create an inviting space. Your bathroom will get a chic look once a vintage botanical wallpaper and dark essence will be there. Get some amazing wallpaper options for kitchen and bath renovation.

Empty counter spaces

Your bathroom would look open and clean when dealing with it with limited counter space living it free of clutter. Thus, opt for a couple of large baskets to hold any toiletries or linens.

Mexican desert theme

Add a bit of color with a fun shower curtain for a small, all-white bathroom. Your bathroom will have a fun space to get ready in once this Mexican desert theme curtains, cactus and plush rug will be there in your bathroom

Mismatch wall art gallery

With mismatching frames and photos, your bathroom will have a unique wall art gallery. Try to tell a story by using a combination of quotes, images, and illustrations.

Dusty blue assets

Add some freshness to your space by reading light colors like this soft, sky blue. Paint your shelves, cabinets and even a few decor pieces for a cohesive look.

Metallic embellishments

Any space will have a modern vibe if they have the shades of gold copper and neutral. For a completely contemporary look include some geometric shapes and line

Paul Petersen