Different Types of Doors and Common Problems with Doors

You can basically divide all your doors in your house into two basic categories, the exterior doors and interior doors. But you will find primarily three basic types of doors in the market namely solid-wood doors, hollow-core and solid-core doors. The solid-doors are generally found in typical older or traditional houses which are hung in frames that are constructed on-site. On the other hand, the solid-core are the varieties which are normally pre-hung and most often seen in the newer houses or at replacement door units. The solid-core doors are usually constructed of veneer over the insulating core and are factory-made. The third types of doors are the hollow-core doors which are least sturdy. Contact MD Portes et Fenêtres to get all these three types of doors for your interior as well as exterior requirements.

The most important factor about the doors is their maintenance and repair irrespective of your interior and exterior doors and types of your door. Each type of door requires different types of maintenance and repair. For example, all exterior doors necessarily need to be constructed with materials and adhesives which have a maximum capacity to withstand the weather. The exterior doors need to be essentially strong and thick in order to provide adequate safety and security with a strong exterior-grade lock. The quality of exterior doors, in particular, are measured through R-rating basically for safety and security reasons, and this is the reason you will find exterior doors made out of steel or fibreglass in addition to wood.

On the other hand, the interior doors are less thick and are usually 3.5 centimetres and usually made out of wood. The interior doors are normally flush doors with smooth veneer at each side over the solid core or sometimes with hollow-core which are less expensive. You can also find panel doors in the interior which are made of interlocking panels that are usually made out of oak or pine. However, even the most appropriately constructed doors with best door materials can become deformed, misaligned or damaged over time because of heavy use of the doors or may be a defect in the installation. In addition to this, problems in the hardware can also lead to bad operation both in the exterior as well as interior doors.

Either after a short period of installation or in course of period, your doors both in the interior as well as exterior may have various problems such as doors sticks not closing, door does not latch properly etc. and the sources of the problems can be many such as hinge, the stops, the jamb, the latch, the strike or even the door itself. After detecting the problem, you can yourself repair the minor problems whereas for the major problem you need to get professional help.

Edith Lindsay