Double glazing does more than just keep the draughts out

When most people think of double glazing they immediately think of the benefits of keeping your house warm and preventing some of the heat that is created by your home heating system from escaping and then subsequent savings that you can then make on your heating bill. But did you know that double glazing can also help you during the warmer summer months as well?

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Double glazed windows, like the ones installed by a Double Glazing Gloucester like around the country will have been one of the reasons why people were able to keep cooler in their homes compared to the temperatures outside during the recent summer heatwave periods.

Here is how it works?

Double glazing in essence works by reducing the heat that is transferred from one side of the window to the other. This means hot air from entering the house from outside and then equally hot air from leaving the house. This occurs as a result of the two panes of glass being separated by an air in between that is filled with inert gas. As the glass on one side of the window heats up the molecules begin to vibrate faster but due to the gap between the glass these particles are unable to transfer between the two panes of glass. This can be reduced even further with the use of glass that is classed as low emissive. These glass panes are coated with a special film that reflects the heat back into the room and reduces the speed of the heat transfer even more.

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It order to identify how well your chosen double glazed panes of glass will reflect the heat back into your home and also block the heat from outside from entering your home they have an energy rating. This rating starts at A+ and works its way down to a G. The windows that are most energy efficient are those with an A+ rating.

In extremes of heat such as the heatwaves that we have experienced over the last few years people have had to turn to some alternative methods to keeping their homes cool. Shutters are a great way to keep your rooms cool as are traditional blinds and curtains. It is important to ensure that you keep the curtains closed on the side of your that the sun is entering your home. This may seem a tad counter-intuitive but it actually helps to prevent the sun from heating up those rooms. You can then open those curtains once the sun has moved around to the other side of your property.



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