How To Prevent Raccoons From Invading Your Home

Raccoons are most comfortable in their natural environment. They love climbing trees, nesting in big logs, foraging fruits, and washing up along riverbeds. The problem is that these natural habitats are being destroyed to give way to human communities and other projects. The creatures are forced to leave their homes and go to the suburbs and cities instead. This presents a problem to the people living there. Raccoons could raid their gardens, garbage bins, and kitchen pantries. They can damage the property in the hunt for food and nesting sites. Below are some of the ways in which people can prevent raccoons from invading their homes:

Perimeter Fencing

Put up a physical barrier that will keep raccoons and other unwanted creatures out of the yard. You can do this by erecting a tall fence along the perimeter. Cyclone wire is a cheap and viable solution. Just make sure to angle the tips to the outside to make it hard to climb over the fence to your side. You could also try other materials and styles. Check out what other people are doing in their quest to shield themselves from raccoons. You might be inspired by their Ideas.

Tree Pruning

Remember that raccoons love climbing trees. They can use the branches jump over to your yard or even your roof if these are high enough. It would be pointless to have a fence that can easily be breached because of overgrown trees. Be sure to prune around your lot so that the braches stay within the fence, out of reach of furry mammals or thieving humans alike.

Chimney Cover

The chimney provides an easy entry point into the house. It usually goes straight up from the living room to the roof. The chimney hole at the top may be too small for humans but it is definitely big enough for raccoons. They can easily squeeze themselves in and reach the interiors at night when no one is looking They can head straight to your kitchen to find food and get these out the same way. They might also use the pet door if you have one. Cover these openings as appropriate. Guard grills will allow smoke to vent while preventing raccoons from entering. Pet doors can be locked at night.

Attic Sealing

If there are any holes on your roof, your walls, or your soffits, then raccoons might exploit these to get inside. Sealing everything shut so that they don’t get a chance to make your attic their nesting place. Make sure to perform regular inspection and cleaning.

Garbage Lids

If you are going to place garbage bags in your yard, then place them inside a solid bin that have a fitted lid. It should be difficult for anyone, much less a raccoon, to open this and go on a scavenger hunt for food.

Frequent Cleaning

Never leave food outside your house and they can smell this from far away. Place the pet food trays inside after feeding your dogs. Clean the grills after cooking barbecued meats. Harvest fruits as soon as possible and pick up those that drop on the ground.

If they still come to your house, then call for raccoon control services, like this raccoon control Connecticut option, as soon as possible.

Kathy McDonough