Ideas To Transform Your Condominium Into Your Dream House in 2022

Bartley Ridge Condo Design Project by AC Vision

Earthy Colours and Beech Woods, creating a friendlier and homelier atmosphere. Softly illuminated with warm yellow lighting for ambience, the inside is roomy and well-organized, making it ideal for stay-at-home bonding with the missus and kids.

As society is growing at a visible speed, the urban population has increased tremendously. Therefore, lack of vacant lands has given rise to small housing solutions like condominiums. Smart interior designing and a plethora of decorating options in the market can help you create home that you desire.

Where Should You Begin?

Understandably, you won’t be able to handle all the interior planning. You can always hire a professional condominium interior designer. If you are in Singapore, make sure to contact AC Vision for a comprehensive service. They work on renovation projects for both commercial buildings and private housing. You can employ them for interior designing along with painting, carpentry, and electrical jobs for renovation. It is among the few who follow up and provide after-sale service. No matter what might be your choice, you have to consider certain problems regarding renovation.

Conforming To The Government Regulations

The government’s regulation regarding housing development is something that you must follow strictly. Otherwise, you may have to halt your project mid-way. You have to maintain the prescribed standard for safety.

Renovating An Old Condo Is More Troublesome Than A New Condo

Generally, a new condo would not need much work, as you have to work on it fresh without removing the old arrangements. It saves both money and labour when compared to renovation for an old condominium. You may have to replace many items and redo the concealment and painting. However, if you are a person with too many specific demands, whether it’s a new or old condo, it would cost you more.

Interior Planning Is Essential

You cannot forget the vital point that functionality comes first. The interior design company you contact would match the aesthetics and functionality of the space to give you a unique solution. Here comes the role of planning properly.

Ideas For The Interior Designing Of A Condominium

  • Space Management – The first thing that comes to the mind of a homeowner is how to make the interior of the house look more spacious. Several tricks can help you accomplish this. You have to refrain from cluttering your house with furniture and decorative items. Do things in moderation even if you want a luxurious appearance.
  • Functional or Multi-purpose Furniture – It saves a lot of space and lets you enjoy more benefits from a single item. It is also convenient to use. You would get stylish multi-purpose furniture with special features available in the market.
  • Install Mirrors – Everybody knows that mirrors give an illusion of extra space in the room. There are many locations where you can place a mirror to create this effect, but try to place it at a place it would reflect most of the light. Installing a large mirror at the entrance can make the narrow hallway roomy.
  • Island Counter for Kitchen – You can make a wonderful dining space on the kitchen island along with using it for prep work. It would broaden the kitchen area and at the same time save on the available area and furniture.
  • Touch of Nature – A touch of greenery always brings calming vibes and a hint of refreshment. Add small pots of plants and succulents to decorate your corners and tabletop. Interior plants also purify the air inside the room. If you can also try to add artificial plants or climbers to decorate wall space.
  • Curtains – Instead of blinds, curtains make the condominium look more like home. Moreover, you have ample options for materials. You can also get different textures and prints in the same material. It completes the look of the house.
  • Decorating Options for the Walls – The walls are the biggest canvas to be creative. You can play with various textures, paints, wallpapers, murals, decorative shelves, paintings, photo arrangements, and so on.
  • Lighting – The correct choice of lighting can create the right mood. You have to create a balance between various lighting to get the best effect. You can choose from these three types of lighting –
  1. Accent – It highlights a particular feature or place.
  2. Ambient – A general lighting that illuminates the whole space.
  3. Task – It is meant for works that need more illumination, such as reading or cooking.

You can work on more ideas, but always check whether it is practical for you. Your living space should have your personal touch and show your personality.

Edith Lindsay