Modern Kitchen Designs You Could Choose From

Modern design often considers cleanliness, openness, and functionality. It has plenty of room for character and personal style. A perfect kitchen also aims for those. The following kitchen designs exemplify the sleek, innovative aesthetic. There are various designs you could choose from. You may want something bright and whimsical. Or something monochromatic and sophisticated. Take inspiration from these modern kitchen ideas and make it your own.

Go for mirrors

Mirrored islands are now becoming popular. The edgy, high-shine look of these brings glamour to the playful elements in your kitchen. Like the single pendant light, swirls of pink marble, and cobalt blue loft railing above. A built-in planter on the island is also a wonderful add-on.

Light and more light

A striking modern kitchen features simple yet awesome characteristics. Clean lines and graphic fixtures are a must. A simple color scheme will bring out the natural beauty of your kitchen. And plenty of natural light will make it more pleasing to the eyes and a wonder to be at.

Fun and creative

If you have to spend most of your time at home, isn’t it better to make it a fun place to be? A vibrant, playful, and geometric kitchen design is a good place to start. It is a bold and contemporary interpretation of classic art staples. This is great for those with kids wanting to help out in the kitchen.


Pure white

A kitchen exposed to the dining and living room area is more difficult to design. It is better to choose hardware-free cabinets and a sleek white color. These let them blend into the background. A pretty baby pink cane chairs and a pearly marble table will look great and will shine in the spotlight.

Classic but edgy

If you want an understated edge to your kitchen, you can opt for concrete floors. Classic hardwood panels work well in a family home, and so do fun colorful tiles. But the sleek grittiness of polished concrete is a welcome surprise. A sculptural light fixture will also give your modern ktichen some style points,

Pop art

The whiter the brighter. Keeping everything white and adding in pops of color will give your modern kitchen a pop art look. You can add pops of one color via your serving ware, vases, and flowers. It break things up enough so it will not look boring. The upcycled soup cans is an affordable decor solution channeling more pop art.

Asymmetrical balance

A modern kitchen with a careful, asymmetrical balance draws attention. The hood leaning to the right of the room makes it feel like an approachable space. It gives the room a modern and fresh look. It also gives a cool contrast with the rest of the neat, linear, and symmetrical placements of things. The floating shelf in line with the hood and the light fixture gives this kitchen more balance. The island counter completes the look.


Most people renovate their entire kitchen when they want to change it to a modern look. A kitchen manufacturing company can help you choose the items you need. Sometimes, you can achieve a modern kitchen look with accents and artwork. A little rearranging of stuff will do the trick.

Kathy McDonough