Reviewing different types of roofing systems

There are different roofing systems for commercial and residential properties, each with specific pros and cons. If your roofing needs to be replaced or repaired extensively, there are three common options to choose from – Asphalt, rolled roofing, and metal roofing. Working with a reliable contractor, such as Stella Roofing Services, can help you determine the best solution, and for your help, we have short reviews of all the three options.

  1. Asphalt. When it comes to roofing for steep slopes, Asphalt stands out and is ideal for commercial and residential roofs alike. Many contractors offer different Asphalt lines to choose from, and depending on the product, you can expect a warranty on new roofing for up to 30 years.
  2. Rolled Roofing. For the unversed, this is also a kind of asphalt product¸ which can be considered for most regions prone to extreme temperatures. Applied as a two-ply system, this kind of roofing relies on a base cap that offers protection against snow and water, and a second sheet called the cap. With Rolled Roofing, expect a warranty of around 20 years or more.
  3. Metal. The final one on this list is metal roofing, which is typically made of corrugated panels. There are also standing seam roofing option. You can choose between types of metal roofing based on commercial and residential requirements, and this is one of the most durable options out there.

When you contact a contractor, ask them about the options, costs, and what they would recommend for extensive protection and durability in the long run. Hire a contractor that you can trust, and don’t shy away from getting a free estimate. Warranties as applicable should be mentioned on paper. Ensure that the contractor is a known one and has good reviews in your area. If needed, do ask for references.


Paul Petersen