Smile At the Best Housewarming party That You Will Be Arranging Now

After your move, you will certainly want to let your loved ones know about your new nest. But how do you organize a housewarming party? Discover our best tips for choosing the right time, launching the invitations, and preparing a meal and an atmosphere that will ensure the success of your evening. As a part of the moving announcements you can also make the arrangements and the invitation cards can come up with the best effects.


Install yourself first, hang your rack after your move

The principle of a housewarming party is to make your loved ones discover your new environment, in joy and good humor. Also, for the evening to be successful, it is better to be already installed in your accommodation. Avoid organizing a rack in the middle of the boxes. Your guests will surely want to visit the house room by room and there will also be room for the evening. Three weeks to one month after your move seems reasonable to be ready.

For the big day, prefer the weekend. You will have more time to prepare for the evening without stressing yourself out. It happens especially if you have decided to manage the meal yourself, without a caterer or restaurant meal. Your guests are also more likely to not work on weekends. They will therefore be more relaxed.


Take care of the preparation and sending of invitations

Who to invite? It all depends on the size of your new home and whether you can take advantage of an outdoor setting or not. Estimate well the number of people who will be able to be present according to the surface which you have. Then make a selection. If people have helped you move, housewarming is a great way to thank them.

Once you have made your choice, you must send out invitations. Do not warn at the last moment. Leave two weeks of beat, so that everyone can organize to be present. For the format of the invitation, a simple email can do the trick, or even an SMS. But if you are a fan of homemade cards, now is the time to unleash your creativity. Above all, remember to give your guests as much detail as possible so that they can easily find your new address.


In preparing for your party, don’t neglect your new neighbors. To avoid trouble, be sure to warn them that an evening will take place and that you will surely make noise. Invite them to come and have a drink, this will be an opportunity to get to know each other. They will better accept your noisy evening.Along with that you can also go for the house warming invitations there to make your choices perfect.

The buffet, ideal solution for a housewarming party

Buffets, aperitifs or dinner cocktails are popular for housewarming evenings. Organizationally, they are easier to manage than a meal with table service. The preparation is done in advance, and it only remains to recharge during the evening.

On the guest side, traveling to get food or drink facilitates exchanges. This formula thus allows a greater conviviality than a traditional meal, especially when there are people.



For the composition of the buffet, give free rein to your imagination. Summer and winter, you will easily find ideas for small, easy preparations. To score points, consider preparing dishes for those who have special diets: gluten-free, pork-free. They will certainly appreciate this kind attention.

Paul watson