Swimming Pools and the Smart Making

When we have the project to build a swimming pool on a piece of land, we first think of the size of the future pool. And there, it is not rare to want to see things in big. But before having the madness of the sizes, it should not be forgotten that it is the surface of our ground which will determine that of our pool, and certainly not the other way around.

The surface of the pool itself

Having a large concrete swimming pool with original shapes or a huge swimming pool in the garden is sure to be a pleasant idea. But who says inground pool says hole for the basin, but also trenches all around for the parts to be sealed, water drainage system, installation of a technical room for the pool nearby for the filtration system and all this requires a minimum of space. You can go for pool surface types  now.

Owners with medium-sized land have every interest in betting on semi-inground pools, especially wooden, which represent an excellent compromise between in-ground and above-ground pools, both in terms of size and aesthetics.

  • Especially if the swimming pool is installed in the extension of a pretty wooden swimming pool beach.
  • Lovers of large pools who do not necessarily have a lot of space can also opt for a large tubular pool which will be installed without any work once the summer comes.

As for mini-spaces, they are also entitled to their swimming pools in mini version. The mini pool (10m² or less) is indeed perfect for small gardens because it occupies little space and can accommodate many amenities (staircase, hydro-massage, swimming system against the current).

Freestanding pools are available in many sizes and may also be suitable for smaller spaces.

Without forgetting the sidelines

When we think of the surface required for setting up a swimming pool, we generally think of the size of the pool or structure. But these are not the only parameters to take into account.

Indeed, it is not enough to have enough space in your garden, but also around. Because to dig a pool, unless you do the excavation with a shovel, you will have to bring into the garden a backhoe, a dump truck to evacuate rubble, a rock breaker if the ground is rocky, etc. 

  • So if our land is too small or the different machines cannot all have access to it, the task will look harder than expected and certainly more expensive if the manufacturer must use specific devices.

All the more if we want to install a shell pool in his garden that the pool engineer will deliver to us in a single block in the garden. If the land is not easily accessible, you will need to hire a crane to transport it, which could increase costs.

Last factor to remember: the legal distances to install a swimming pool. Build a pool that goes to the edges of the garden so that our pool is as large as possible, it is unthinkable. The town planning code stipulates that there must be a mandatory distance of 3 meters between our neighbor’s fence and the first area around the pool. Legal reference distance, but which varies in certain municipalities depending on the Local Urban Plan.

Also you can find Summer waves pool reviews to choose an above ground pools that can be install anywhere effortlessly.

Paul watson