In order to get a good sleep the one of the major things that is required by a person is the mattress. It is an important part of life. Mattresses play a huge role in providing you a better sleep. Mattresses are designed in a special way, so that a person can rest his or her body well and have a proper sleep without any disturbance.

What are Mattresses?

Mattresses are a rectangular shaped pad made of fibre which is used to provide comfort while sleeping. It is an item which is used in a bed to provide a layer ofcushioning.The mattress is available at various places. You can either buy them from an outlet or from an online mattress selling website.Therefore; a lot of Mattress in a box in India are available for everyone.

Types of mattresses

Different types of mattresses are available as per your choice. The following are the various types of mattresses that are available:-

1. Innerspring mattress

It is a type of mattress that has spring coil in between the cushioning layer. It is the most basic type of mattress. There are also different types of coils used in the making of a mattress. The following is the various types of coils:-

  • Bonnell coils
  • Offset coils
  • Continuous coils
  • Marshall coils

2. Foam mattress

Foam mattress is a type of mattress which has foam between the layers. These foams are made of different materials. The following materials are used in making foam mattresses:-

  • Latex foam
  • Memory foam
  • High density foam

3. Bladder mattresses

These are the mattresses which are made from the bladder of air or water. They are a very special type of mattresses. The types of bladder mattresses are:-

  • Air mattress
  • Water beds

Size of mattresses

Mattresses are available in different sizes. The following are the various sizes in which the mattresses are available:-

  1. Crib
  2. Twin
  3. Twin XL
  4. Full
  5. Queen
  6. King
  7. California king

Thus, from the above sizes a person can choose any mattress of his or her choice. The choice is dependent on your need and convenience.

Where to Buy Best Mattress in India?

Mattresses can be brought from various places. Usually, most of the people buymattresses from an outlet, but you can also buy mattresses online. There are a lot of mattresses available online at different sizes. Online mattresses are available at a much cheaper price because various discounts can be availed online. Therefore, there are many benefits of buying mattress online in India.


Mattresses are the best way of getting a good sleep. They help you in relaxing and removing tension from your body. They are really an amazingitem that is required in every home. Therefore, mattresses are an important item of house. They are available everywhere and is almost seen in every house. It has become the basic necessity of every house. Hence, there are lot of mattress manufacturing companies that look forward to provide more and more comfort through their line of designed mattresses.

Kathy McDonough