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Vacuum cleaners should not be chosen in any way. Each model has different characteristics to meet different needs. However, the question that arises most often is: what is the best power for a vacuum cleaner? Occasionally, this shows users’ interest in the efficiency of this product. To address this and other questions, we have created this special guide for you to answer all your questions about the device. Let’s check it out? You should also look through the bissell crosswave reviews in this case.

In addition, a good vacuum cleaner can offer the following benefits:

  • Optimize working conditions (those who work with general services);
  • Clean floors, sofas, beds and other surfaces;
  • Provides more mobility when cleaning;
  • It has filter that stores the dust efficiently;
  • Their reservoirs do not let dust spread in the air;
  • It reaches spaces where the broom does not reach in detail.

How to know what is the best power for vacuum cleaner?

Choosing the right power of your vacuum cleaner will define the variety of things you can clean with it. Primarily, models with weaker power will be able to perform simpler tasks such as vacuuming cold floors and cleaning curtains. These models usually average 60W.

However, if you are looking for a product to clean cars, sofas and hard-to-reach points on floors like parquet, models above 1000W are what you are looking for. Above all, they not only suck up dried particles but also liquids, making cleaning much more efficient and faster. After all, you will not need to use two different products for dirt of different natures.

In addition, one must know how to differentiate the power of the appliance from the suction power of the appliance. While the former is responsible for the amount of energy the product will consume to perform its work, the latter is concerned with taking care of the air flow and pressure exerted at the time of handling.

Type – Hand-held vacuum cleaner, traditional, vertical vacuum cleaner or robot

Handheld vacuum cleaner: Very compact, ideal for small places. Easy to clean and light, this model is mostly used for car and upholstery cleaning.

Vertical Vacuum Cleaner: Easy to handle, lightweight and with casters. It looks like a broom and, depending on the model, has the option of disengaging the engine and being used as a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Traditional vacuum cleaner: Floor-standing model with casters. It can be found in different sizes, the smaller (lighter) being easier to handle, but the smaller the size, the lower the ability to store dirt.

Choose vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner: has built-in wheels and round shape. It can be programmed to vacuum a room automatically. Battery operated and has less storage capacity. However, when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, you must take into account three essential factors: its power, its suction power and also the variety (and types) of brushes the kit contemplates. It is the union of these 3 characteristics that will offer a satisfactory result when it comes to getting your hands dirty.

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