CCTV Installations: Everything You Need to Know about Wiring and Conduit

Want to ensure your property, family, friends or employees are safe? A good surveillance system will help you a great deal. But how do you install a CCTV camera with all the wiring and conduit pipes? Well, here is an overview of everything there is to know about CCTV installation.

Plan Well

Even before you start with wiring and other stuff, there is a need to plan how you want the wires to go. You need to make sure that the wiring route is as short as possible. This is to make it easy to bury the conduit pipes underground.  The route needs to be planned in such a way that it’s easy to bury your pipes.

Procure the Pipes

The pipes that you are going to use for the wiring, for instance, the PVC or the metal pipes, need to be procured to conceal the cable from the public, more so intruders. Besides, the pipes protect the wires from human and natural attacks. Lastly, it ensures that your cables are protected from squirrels, birds, and other attacks.

Powering Is Crucial

You may want to power your outdoor PoE security cameras. To do this, you will need a CAT5/6 cable. PoE cabling helps you achieves two things: it powers your camera and offers data connection.

But if you are using wireless cameras outdoors, you will be required to run the wires to the outlet, which provides power to the cameras hidden outside. Make sure your outlet is waterproofed and weatherproofed for longevity and protection.

Burying the Network Cables

We assume that you have marked and cut holes. The next step is to bury the network and electrical wires. For a PVC conduit, you need to bury it at least 18 inches below the surface. On the other hand, bury metal pipes at least 6 inches underground.

Run the Wires through the Pipes

After successfully drilling the holes and inserting the pipes, the next thing is running the wires through the conduits. The easiest way of running them is fishing. Just have the wires run with a fish tape or use a pull wire. Do have the wire end twisted and wrapped through the eye of the fish tape? Insert your electrical tape towards the fish tape and then pull the wires.

Pull the Security Camera Wires

You won’t do this without help. You will need someone to feed the cables for you. Pull the wires evenly and also ensure they are untangled. The guy pulling the other end must do it slowly in 2-3 feet intervals.  Doing it fast might result in wounding the other person.

Use Cable run

The use of the cable run is one option of preventing access to your wires. This is crucial where you didn’t dry-wall your ceiling. Similarly, if you have plans of doing a major remodel, then the best option is cable run. This is recommended because of its flexibility and the fact that it can encase the wire easily.

Installing a camera is no easy task considering that you will want to do everything to ensure that no intruder can access your camera. One way of doing this is by running your cables through a suspended ceiling. It is hard work that might even involve cutting a hole in the wall but once you are done, you will rest easy knowing that you and your family are protected.

Peach Salin