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Are you ready for new locks? But do you not know exactly what kind of locks you currently have, what locks exist and what you can best look for? We are happy to inform you about the different types of locks. Each slot has its own features, application options and benefits. Do you want to optimally protect your door or window against a burglary? Then let us advise you on the different types of locks. Have we found the ideal variant together? Then we will gladly replace your lock immediately. Go for locksmith near me choices now.

Learn more about our locks

In this news item we like to focus on the different types of locks for a door. You will probably be surprised at how many different species there are. Were you already familiar with all the variants below? You can close a door with a:

  • Mortise lock
  • Multi-point lock
  • Rim lock
  • Keyboard lock

The most common types are mortise locks (possibly with multi-point locking) and support locks. Although new locks are no longer used for new-build houses. Keyboard locks are hardly used anymore. This is because cylinders are not used, which is the case with mortise locks. The option is sometimes used for balcony and garden doors. These doors can often only be closed from the inside. From the jacksonville locksmith you can find the best options now.

Let us assemble a mortise lock

A mortise lock (normal or narrow) is often mounted in combination with security fittings, a matching locking plate or locking cup and a profile cylinder. This makes this type of lock very safe and burglar-resistant. This certainly applies to the mortise locks with multi-point locking! Handsome burglar who can open such an optimally secured mortise lock! In addition, we only install locks that are equipped with the Political Quality Mark Safe Living. These locks therefore meet all safety and quality requirements. In addition, we take additional measures against the manipulation of safety cylinders. For example, our locks have hard metal parts and a sturdy connecting shaft. As a result, the cylinder cannot simply be broken. Would you also like to have the locks of your doors replaced by these high-quality variants? Then call us in immediately.

  • Cylinder locks are the key to the safety of your door. The standard door latch with a lock is way too easy to beat. When it is time to replace an existing cylinder lock or add a cylinder lock to your door, you have a lot of options. So how do you choose the right one? This article gives you the information you need to be able to choose.

Last Words

The first type of cylinder lock is a single cylinder lock. These locks have a key cylinder on one side. On the other hand you have a button. The advantage of this kind of lock is that you don’t need a key to open it from the inside. The disadvantage is that when you have a glass door or a window next to your door, a thief only needs to break the glass to reach the lock and gain access to your home.

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