Potential Uses of a Console Table in Your Singapore Home

A typical Singapore home is either small or has an open floor plan to compensate for it. Due to this, many homeowners forego the idea of many pieces of furniture, like the hallway console table. Some think that it will make the area feel smaller and more cluttered.

However, there are many ways you can use a console table in your Singapore home efficiently and stylishly. The following are seven tips to follow if you want to incorporate a console table in your home.

#1 In the Hallway

The entryway is one of the most popular and valuable areas for a console table in any home. Console tables may give much-needed surface area for keys, hats, scarves, and other objects when at the front entrance of your home. The console table will also provide your guests with a taste of the aesthetics of your home while giving it a charming, lived-in feel. Putting a mirror above your console table will fill up the space. Fit your narrow hallway with a slim console table if you fear it can hinder movement.

#2 In the Dining Room


Another fantastic area for console tables is in the dining room, where you can always use extra space for more plating and flowers. Console tables work well as bar carts in smaller areas. A console table in your Singapore dining room is a fantastic spot to hold decorations and table runners. It can also add much-needed storage space. Look for a console table with drawers or cabinets to store extra dishware.

#3 Behind Your Sofa



Putting the console table behind your sofa, small or large, will give you and your visitors a space to lay items. Side tables are excellent solutions. However, they do not always work for those who sit in the middle of the sofa. Yes, a glass coffee table in your Singapore home will suffice, but not all spaces need one. This console table concept is very beneficial if you need to fill the space behind a sofa or expand the open floor plan of your living area.

#4 As a Mantel Replacement


A console table might be the right option for a large, empty wall in your living room that you are unsure how to adorn. Replace the mantle with a console table complemented by a sizable wall mirror or large piece of wall art. Consider novels, candles, flower-filled vases, and more if you have a spacious living room. A well-decorated console table will serve to highlight and fill the area.

#5 As a Desk Replacement

5-As-a-Desk-Replacement Look for a fundamental and compact console table at a Singapore furniture store. The appearance of such a console table makes it an ideal workstation solution for limited rooms. Many console tables have drawers and shelves. It can give the proper amount of storage space for your basic desk needs. Consider converting your console table into a workstation or vanity table if you work from home a lot.

#6 For Folding Laundry


Most Singapore homes do not have a designated laundry space. However, those that have one only have limited spaces you can use. Console tables come in various shapes and sizes that can fit most spaces. It makes them the perfect solution for a laundry folding station inside your laundry room. A console table can be what you have been looking for if your laundry room needs more surfaces. You may also store laundry baskets and other materials below a console table with spacious shelves.

#7 In Your Bedroom


Most vanity and sideboard selections at Singapore furniture stores can be too bulky for limited spaces. Console tables may be a great alternative to a vanity. Look for a console table with little drawers you can use for storing makeup and other accessories. The surface of the console table may even have enough room for lamps and other accessories. Furthermore, getting a slim console table at Singapore furniture stores can ensure efficient use of space.



Choosing a Console Table for Your Home

You might be considering the advantages of using a console table in your Singapore home after knowing how versatile they are. Here are four tips to follow when picking the right console table for your home.

#1 Narrow or Wide

If you have a narrow hallway, a slimmer console table is your best choice. You can place a broader console table if your entryway leads directly to your living area. The lines and a glass top can also make your space feel more open and avoid a cluttered feeling.

#2 Material

Material is a crucial component to consider when decorating your home. The use of various materials helps give the area a more collected and storied air. Filling the room with a wide range of materials also brings texture and depth. Consider a mix of wood, metal and glass.

#3 Colour

The colour of your materials will pull all the elements of your space together. Sticking to the colour scheme of your room will help avoid making your room look mismatched and dysfunctional. Even wood has a wide variety of colours. Consider how you want the console table to look in your Singapore home before buying.

#4 Measurements

Know the measurements of your room––from the walls to the floor and your furniture. It will let you know the perfect console table size for your Singapore home. Knowing the proper measurements of your home will also make purchasing a breeze.

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