The Right Lands for the Garden Buildings


The first step is to choose the type of terrain. Two choices are available here: a land subdivision or isolated land (also called diffuse). We explain the difference.

Land in subdivision

As for all things, buying a lot subdivision has interests and advantages.

The advantages of a lot in subdivision:

  • Near the agglomerations
  • Land already serviced by the developer, so no additional cost
  • Guarantee of the nature of the subsoil, therefore no study of the soil to be realized
  • Few administrative procedures
  • Obligation to respect the specifications and the subdivision regulations
  • Lack of freedom for the exterior of your home
  • Isolated lands in diffuse area

By buying a secluded land in the countryside or just outside subdivision, you make the choice to have more freedom in the construction of your house. This is the main advantage of buying an isolated lot .

The advantage of buying an isolated land in diffuse sector is that you will have to carry out all the formalities yourself:

  • Field servicing
  • Verification of the nature of the soil
  • Connection to networks (electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc)
  • The characteristics of the land for the construction of your house

This is obvious: the farther the land is from an agglomeration the less expensive it is. Depending on your budget, you will have to decide between choosing a smaller land but close to the city, or larger but more distant.

Here, beyond the budget, it is your way of life and your desires that will determine your choice. An active first-time couple with young children will often sacrifice a large lot in the profile of a smaller but close to the city and their work.

On the contrary, a couple already settled with older children can more easily move away to find a bigger ground.

Depending on the size and shape of the house you want to build, you need to choose a suitable land for your home. Different criteria are then to be taken into account.

The surface of the ground

Small or big ground? Everything depends on your desires and your building. However, it is important to note that the surface of your lot will depend heavily on its location and will affect the budget. Indeed, if you buy land in an urbanized area and especially in housing estate, your land will have an average surface area of ​​less than 500m². This is explained by the constraints of joint ownership in these sectors.

To enjoy a large garden and have greater freedom vis-à-vis your neighbors, we recommend choosing a land exceeding 500m ². In diffuse sector, you will find grounds with a larger surface, but it is necessary to know that a bigger ground implies higher maintenance costs and property tax. Grab to more info for the same and come up with the best deals for that.

The shape of the land

The shape of your land will determine the model of individual house that you will build. A square or rectangular ground is particularly recommended to facilitate the construction of your house.



Paul Petersen